Agricultural University of Athens

Agricultural University of Athens, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

The Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development set up as its primary aim to promote knowledge and to educate scientists specialized in research and in tackling problems connected with the economic, social, political and environmental dimensions of viable rural development within the framework of European Union integration. Its special characteristic is that it combines areas of expertise derived from both sciences and humanities. The Department has a long experience in EU and national research projects in topics relating to agricultural and rural development, including innovation & learning, management & marketing, agri-environmental topics, policy assessments, project design and evaluation, etc. focusing on sustainability and innovation.

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Persons Involved:

Alexandros Koutsouris
Dr Alex Koutsouris is currently Associate Professor (Agricultural Extension & Education) in the Dept of Agricultural Economics & Rural Development, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece and Head of the Unit of Agricultural Extesion, Rural Systems & Rural Sociology. His research interests revolve around sustainable rural development focusing on topics such as training & education, innovation, extension & communication, and agrotourism with emphasis on systemic and participatory approaches. He has published and presented papers on the abovementioned topics in journals and international congress proceedings, been a co-editor in scientific journals and publications and served as a member of the boards of relevant scientific societies and international conferences and meetings. He currently serves as Associate Editor of “The Journal of Agricultural Education & Extension”.

Athanasios Kampas
Athanasios Kampas is Assistant Professor at the Agricultural University of Athens. He teaches environmental economics at the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development. He holds an MSc from the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICH) and a Ph.D. from the University Newcastle upon Tyne (UK). His research interests include the design and analysis of environmental policy.

George Vlahos
Dr George Vlahos is currently assistant professor in the Agricultural University of Athens and has collaborated in various research projects focusing on rural and agri-environmental policies. He is author of various articles on these subjects and collaborated in books. He has also been employed as project manager in the Greek Organisation for the Certification and Inspection of Agricultural Products.

Alexandra Smyrniotopoulou