To find more about sustainability, the WISE team propose to follow the resources:

Reading Materials:

UE4SD (2015) Leading Practice Publication: Professional development of university educators on Education for Sustainable Development in European countries. Editors: Kapitulčinová, D., Dlouhá, J., Ryan, A. et al. Book is available

Dlouha, J., & Dlouhy, J. (2014). Higher education for sustainability – a change of education genre? Envigogika, 9, 1. Retrieved from R

Journal of Education for Sustainable Development

JA Elliott (2013): An Introduction to Sustainable Development, Routledge, New York

Environmental Learning, Insights from research into the student experience, Rickinson, Mark, Lundholm, Cecilia, Hopwood, Nick (2010)

S. Dresner (2008): The Principles of Sustainability, Earthscan from Routledge

Other methods / techniques / strategies you can consider for ESD:

– World Café:

– Fish Bowl:

– Snow Ball:

there some others: